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Just when you thought it was safe....

So you've been sitting by the fire getting warm, right? Sipping some hot chocolate and recovering since the last snowball fight? Well, surprise! Round 2 is on!!! You've just been hit by another ICQ snowball! Your skills have been perfected since the last fight, so now you're more ready then ever! It's just like those snowball fights you had as a kid, but digital style! Don't just sit there with melting snow dripping down your face! Throw a snowball back at the person that sent you this page and at all your other ICQ friends!

Throw a snowball at all your ICQ friends by sending this page to them!
        Hit 5 people - Watch your back, more snowballs are coming at you!
        Hit 10 people - A definite recruit for any team.
        Hit 15 people - You've got quite a powerful throwing arm!
        Hit 25 people - You have amazing packing and throwing skill!
        Hit 30+ people - There isn't going to be any snow left on the ground! You're incredible!

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