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You've just been made part of the official

You've been hit before, but never like this!!! The first snowball fight was fun, but that was just for amateurs. Now you're ready for the mother of all snowball fights: The Official ICQ Snowball Fight 99: Round 2!!! This time the battle is at night.. the air is chilly, the stars are shining above, and you've just been hit with a snowball! Grab some snow off the ground, and start throwing.. hit all your ICQ friends with a snowball and introduce them to the battle of the century: ICQ SNOWBALL FIGHT 99: THE NIGHT WAR!

Throw a snowball at all your ICQ friends by sending this page to them!

        Hit 5 people - Watch your back, more snowballs are coming at you!
        Hit 10 people - A definite recruit for any team.
        Hit 15 people - You've got quite a powerful throwing arm!
        Hit 25 people - You have amazing packing and throwing skill!
        Hit 30+ people - There isn't going to be any snow left on the ground! You're incredible!

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